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said that thing about his fema director, way to go, brownie, or whatever he said. that sticks in people's minds to this day. >> right. that would be a defining sound bite of his entire presidency. granted, it's unfair, but that's what sticks in people's minds. >> in your mind, has president obama made the right move, wrong move? what do you think? >> i think he has made the appropriate move here. he hasn't been too over. that's the key here. you can't be overtly political in how you respond to these kinds of disasters. he obviously will accrue some benefits because he's acting aas commanders in chief are supposed to act and help people on a broad basis. as the remarks of governor christie of new jersey proved, this is a -- he gets bipartisan support out of this disaster. that has to help the bottom line come election day. >> of course, he hasn't been -- president obama wanted to fit in one last campaign paerps in florida, then hurriedly flew back because he realized he couldn't make it back to washington because the storm was coming. so he hasn't acted perfectly along this path, right?
he was at fema headquarters in washington, d.c. talking about the hurricane. let's listen in. >> good afternoon, everybody. obviously all of us across the country are concerned about the potential impact of hurricane sandy. this is a serious and big storm. and my first message is to all people across the eastern seaboard, mid-atlantic going north, you need to take this very seriously. follow the instructions of your state and local officials because they are going to be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with this storm over the coming days. we just had an excellent meeting with the fema team here, the various agencies that are in charge, including the department of defense, department of energy and others that are going to need to respond very quickly. under craig fugate's leadership here at fema, we've had a chance to talk to the region al officials as well, and i had talks with governors of various states as well as other leaders. everyone is confident that the staging process, the pre-positioning of equipment that will be needed to respond to the storm are
the effects. hundreds of thousands are now under evacuation orders. fema predicts damage costs of about $3 billion just for wind damage alone. heavy rains or snow, storm surges, widespread flooding across the region depending upon where you live. we're also following a drama unfolding out to sea. a rescue is under way for the crew of the hms bounty, the ship built for the hollywood movie "mutiny on bounty." unbelievable. we'll have more on that es cue in just a minute. let's begin with the first reports of power outages. they're already rolling in. see meteorologist rob marciano is in the iconic new jersey town of asbury park. high, ro hi, rob. can you hear me? >> reporter: i hear you carol. you're right about that. this is a special place. the heyday of the '20s this boardwalk would be bustling. convention center you've seen behind me as gone through a number of boom and bust cycles and resuhr jenr and resuhr jeesurge jenss. the water is over the pylons, the pout -- relentless surf has been pounding this beach. right now we're almost at about high tide. you can see the foam coming up righ
, he will be receiving a briefing from the head of fema, craig fugate as well as his top aides, and he will remain in contact with them while he is traveling here today to wisconsin, also to nevada and colorado and that he will be doing conference call with his local officials from areas where the storm has hit. as you know, air force one is equipped so that he can stay in constant contact while he travels, carol. >> what do you think his tone will be out on the campaign trail today? >> reporter: i think we've seen a little bit of a break, obviously, from a lot of the harsh back and forth. but we're going to start to see it ramping back up. i do know from a campaign source that when president obama comes here to the airport this morning in the 11:00 eastern hour, he will be talking about the storm at the beginning of his remarks, but he's also going to be making his case for why he should be re-elected. we'll be seeing him re-entering into the political fray and certainly we'll be seeing things heating up again going into election day. when you look at wisconsin, this is a place where,
, the mayor and the sheriffs and the police, fema is not here yet, they have to still put their stuff out there, this say local people helping local people. >> so, anderson, we'll keep an eye on this, seaside heights, new jersey, and toms river, new jersey, which i know michael holmes is there. he's talking to police there and they say least 100 people or so need rescuing as well. >> brooke, chad, we'll continue to check in with you. we'll talk to the mayor of asbury parks to see what kind of damage was there. we'll talk to him and see what daylight has brought. we'll be right back. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list at's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits,
been all over. fema has been fantastic. and responsive and working these types of situations. i have total respect for the job that fema is doing. i want to thank them very much as well as the army corps of engineers. as you all know, one of the major problems still is the water in the tunnels, the water has receded, so when you drive around, it looks like most of the water is gone, but the water filled the subway tunnels in many places, fill the brooklyn battery tunnel, and when the water fills the tunnels, that means con-edison has issues. much of con-ed's equipment was in the tunnels, so getting the water out of the tunnels probably the main -- one of the main orders of business right now. first a transportation update. as you know, the new york city buses are at full service today. thank you, mr. joe and your extraordinary team. there will be limited commuter rail service on metro north and on the long island railroad which will begin 2:00 p.m. today. okay? limited commuter rail service on metro north and limited new york city subway service subpoena meanted by a business bridge
of snow, so already starting to fall, and fema, federal emergency management agency, says the storm damage from wind alone could reach $3 billion. we're also going to be hearing from the president about 45 minutes or so from the white house. he is going to be making a statement, updating the conditions of what the federal government is doing to tackle this horrific storm. forecasters expect that sandy will make landfall as early as tonight. the eye of the storm appears headed for jersey shore. the delmarva peninsula. it's an area that includes delaware, parts of maryland and urban search and rescue teams already standing by in maryland, waiting for deployment orders from fema. coastal maryland getting ready, already pounded by a strong waves, high surf. martin o'malley is following developments from the emergency management center. governor, first of all, thanks for joining us. i know this is a very busy time for you. i was just in maryland over the weekend visiting with family and friends, and clearly a lot of people right now quite tense about what is about to take place. you have search
to the coast of new york and new jersey in case they're needed. president obama stopped by fema headquarters in washington before heading to new jersey to join governor chris christie to tour the damage caused by sandy. we're going to get to that in a moment. buses and ferries are running and bridges into manhattan are now open. the nation's largest subway system is still water logged. limited subway and rail service begins tomorrow. one sign of normalcy today, the new york stock exchange is open. the opening bell rung by mayor bloomberg. president obama arrived as i said in new jersey in last hour to get a personal look at the devastation that sandy left behind. he's touring the damage zone with one of republican mitt romney's most vocal supporters, new jersey governor chris christie who says this is no time for politics. >> this is so much bigger than an election. this is the livelihood of the people of my state. what they expect me to do to get the job done. when someone asks me an honest question, i give an honest answer. how has the president been to deal with? he's been outstanding to
. this morning he went to fema headquarters in washington to get a briefing in person, to get a sense of what is taking place with regards to the flooding, the power situation. he had some of his top officials in the room with him. he also spoke via video conference with the governors and the impacted states. and again the president trying to stay on top of this situation, balance the storm and response to the storm with his campaign. and the message from the president to his top advisors and top officials is that the government cannot drop the ball. >> what i told the governors and mayors is what i've been saying to my team from the start of this event. and that is we don't have any patience for bureaucracy. we don't have any patience for red tape. and we want to make sure that we are figuring out a way to get to yes as opposed to no when it comes to these problems. >> reporter: now later today top officials from the obama administration will be fanning out across the impacted areas in new jersey and also in new york visiting hospitals, visiting with utilities. the idea here, according to th
then you don't know me. >> i think the governor said it well, if fema and the red cross struggled to get into some areas, why would anyone think that people can get out to vote? and the real question is, should our leaders, should our leaders be considering the real possibility of postponing voting in the hardest hit areas? that is a question we'll ask our guests in the next hour on cnn. so right now on the phone with me is a man who has dealt with natural disaster in his city, the mayor of philadelphia and knows all about the politics, and of the northeast, specifically. mayor michael nutter, and joe, the national guard is providing trucks as polling places in new jersey because the buildings were wiped out. officials in other states are getting creative to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote. so we still don't know. so i'm going to get to you and talk to you first about this. what are the states doing before i get to the mayor? what are the states doing to try to make sure that people are getting to the polls? and number one, should we really be considering the possibility of post
people without power and most say they have not seen fema or the american red cross. one woman begged for help as governor chuck schumer toured the area. >> we are going to die. with the weather, we are going to die. we are going to freeze. we have 90-year-old people. we are going to die. you don't understand, you have get the trucks here on the corner, now. >> we are trying to get them. >> this is three days. >> staten island borough president said they did show up yesterday and he told anderson cooper that fema will bring more help today. >> someone to speak to, how do i get help? with whom do i get help? how do my children go to school? they don't have a home? this is answers to be answered by government and it is to do for people who can't do for themselves, and no answers forrer that. >> listen, we want to touch base with you tomorrow, and if they don't show up, will you let us know? >> yes. thank you for giving us the publicity that we need. thank you very, very much. god bless you. >> cnn's brian thompson in statten island this morning. do you see fema anywhere around? >> carol
, and schools. trucks full of supplies and fema disaster teams are now on the ground in staten island. many people there say that is all that they have got. our brian todd is hearing stories today. watching help arrive. all he's folks. brian, first of all, tell us about the supplies, about the crews and the complaints here. it seems like this is a very difficult situation for folks. >> it is very difficult, suzanne. still very difficult. yesterday when we came here, this place was like a war zone. it looked like a shelled out just bombed out neighborhood. scenes like this behind me are all over the place, and make no mistake, it is still a very devastated scene. you do get a sense that all this morning that this neighborhood is coming back to life. people all over the streets. you have a family digging out there that's trying to dig out some of the remnants of the debris from their home. this church has had just to put everything out on the street that was in its basement. they used this stove, this refrigerator, the chairs here to feed people on sunday. that's all shot because the basement
earlier speaking at fema headquarters and warning this is a slow moving storm. let's right now check in with our meteorologist chad myers and because it's a slow moving storm, that's why we're talking about potential danger of a accumulation of a whole lot of water. >> and the bubbling up of the water called storm surge. so when this -- this little bubble of water will come on to land. so one wave after another, it takes an our hour or two. all the way over even towards the east river and i'm even thinking over towards the -- so you try to sufl all that water into one little spot that gets smaller and smaller up that little river, the water will rise. >> and parts of jersey and maryland. >> and even though wind is not going to be a major part of this, we'll still get winds to 75, maybe 80. that's not a category anything except one, so people are taking it lightly. the reason why the trains are going to stop tonight at 7:00 is because they're afraid power lines, power poles or trees are going to fall on the tracks. you don't want to have a train run into a tree that's already on the b
surge. meantime a big warning coming from the president of the united states. he made a visit to fema headquarters and he said the resources are in place to deal with the storm and he expects fast response to any damage once that storm does hit. but he added, people really need to be prepared. >> you need to take this very seriously, and follow the instructions of your state and local officials because they are going to be providing you with the best advise in terms of how to deal with this storm over the coming days. >> the president also held a conference call will governors and mayors that are in the storm's path. >> so emergency management officials, cnn's george how well is on the outer banks right now. you're feeling the effects of that storm in kill devil hills, george? >> we're also keeping in close contact with emergency management officials in their county. the latest from them. obviously the winds are strong out here. we're talking wind gusts from 40-mile-per-hour and i can tell you the plus is in effect right now. these wind gusts if you're not careful will not be back. al
, and you talk about the bipartisanship. we have seen how government has needed to step in by way of fema. romney has, you know, points of view in the primary, drudged up again by him saying fema is not necessary. then we talk about bipartisanship. you're seeing president obama standing right next to what was a number one surrogate for romney. so you know, in the end, has this natural disaster how kind of skewed or changed some of the opinions or sentiments about what romney has been saying about government not working, government being too intrusive? >> nobody's suggesting that governor christy still isn't indorsing and supporting governor romney. clearly, he has and continues to do so. the fact is -- of the matter is we don't want government, we want it to be efficient and positive and working for individuals, not against individuals. so governor romney never said we don't need fema. what he said it was the local and state governmental entities that were the first individuals in in a disaster. that's exactly true. >> let me say this, fredricka. let me say this as a member of the homelan
is the administrative of fema, craig fugate, is a man who worked here in florida in charge of emergency management services in florida, well-known to floridians, he's now -- he worked under jeb bush in florida as a real pro. i think president obama deserves points for having chosen somebody that is a professional instead of a political crony. but it is very important. it can make or break careers. there are points where politics and hurricanes meet and it can help or they can collide. and they can break careers. we all remember governor blanco in louisiana, what a disaster that was. >> yeah. we remember all of that. so, listen, a republican praising the president, a democrat, it happened here on cnn. lz, let's stick with the ground game here. because we are talking about the imaginary scenarios for after disaster happens. what happens after, can people get to the polls? will the power be out? will there be blockage in the road? all of this. we don't know as it is pretty far to forecast out seven, eight, nine days from now to election day, but this is throwing a monkey wrench into the plans that no
getting over the weekend. he also went over to fema headquarters where he had a chance to get a firsthand glimpse of what the federal government was doing to stay on top of this hurricane. again, the president promising that the federal government will help states in any way possible, as you know. so far, eight states have been declared states of emergency by this president, including the district of columbia. and that frees up some federal dollars to help them not only during the storm but also in the clean-up effort. >> dan, we're still a week away from a national election. this is not going away. what about the early voting? what about the efforts of people to do the in-person early voting state to state? >> reporter: well, obviously that is a concern. not only on the voting end of it but these are key battleground states that the president really wanted to be in in these final days before the election where the race is neck and neck. so you pointed out, the president was supposed to have this event in florida, pulled out of there. was supposed to have another event tonight in virginia
the head of fema, director of fema, craig fugate, who is warning folks that this is not yet over. >> this is not over. we still have more weather to deal with. hopefully people will be able to stay safe until we get to the other side of the storm. [ male announcer ] new unisom natural nights. soothes you to sleep with ingredients like melatonin. it's safe with no side effects, so you wake up... ready to go. [ male announcer ] unisom natural nights. >> crews have fanned out across the northeast and mid-atlantic, trying to restore lex trelectri. storm stretches across a dozen states and the nation's capital. alison kosik tracking power problems and allison, the number seems to grow by the hour. how many people are we talking about who don't have power? >> numbers are getting bigger by the hour. up to 7.5 million customers without power. this includes 15 states that includes -- that's up from 13 because 2 new states in the mix, ohio and south carolina. it's because the storm is so big, the wind covers the 1,000-mile swath. you're seeing other states included. new jersey, though, hit
in. we need fema to come and place people in housing because you have children who lost everything. you have parents who are devastated, who are sitting in shelters. i was in a hurricane shelter, i.s. 217. i got my son out because i didn't want him to be here in the devastation. >> reporter: and see all of this? >> and see all of this. >> reporter: your neighbors, you were telling me? >> they live in the basement aapartment across the street and they lost everything. everything is gone. >> reporter: and now you are heading to higher ground to stay with family? >> yes, yes, i'm leaving. >> that was cnn's susan candiotti. the weather is another worry since a new storm, not as strong as sandy, i should point out, could blast the northeast with wind and rain next week. two days until election day. here in ohio, many see it as a game of inches. i tag it along as campaigners go door-to-door. the pressure is on for the man who has to certify a winner here in ohio. will ohio's secretary of state sign off on who will be the next president? and is he ready? we'll ask him live next. [music] s
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fema food and water resources. the national guard has deployed soldiers and airmen at the free hold and woodbridge armories for support of state supported shelter facilities if needed. there are a vast number of new jerseyans today without power. in fact, we currently have 2.4 million new jersey households without power. this is, just so you understand the order of magnitude here, this is twice the number of impacted households as hurricane irene. hurricane high ren was irene .2. 1.2 are pse&g. 935,000 from jcp & l. 195,000 from atlantic city electric. and 45,000 from orange and rockland. during hurricane irene restoration took eight days for full restoration. for hurricane sandy full restoration may, in fact, take longer. full damage assessment will not be complete until 24 to 48 hours due to some of the weather delays. they cannot develop a time frame for restoration until damage estimates are under way and obviously these difficult weather conditions are making this more of a challenge. however, the utility companies have continued to reach out to other states for assistance and
brought in food and clothing, but we have to say that since the initial complaints fema has arrive od r the ground in some presence here and the red cross have set up not far from here, and bu bulldozers and city sanitation trucks and one coming down the street now, and they are all buzzing around to clear the debris from the streets. here comes one. but even with all of the activity here, it is still devastation and looks like a war zone. this is the st. george orthodox ch church, and the basement flooded out and one estimate is $100,000 worth of damage, because they had to toss out everything in the basement they use to feed people on sundays. chairs and oven and stove here and refrigerator tossed out. all of the debris, they have had to clear out. they don't know if they will salvage much of the basement. that will give you a feel of the sense of devastation here, ashleigh. you know, people here are just kind of doing what they can to pick up and move on, but it is very slow process. >> the question is slow process, and that is the question as you look to the pictures to the right of
of fema and from his top aides, suzanne, but i think if we had any doubt we almost only needed look at the preview for president obama. charles woodson, the safety from the green bay packers warming up the crowd here before he got here. i think we should have taken from that that it is game on because that is certainly the sense that you could get from this speech after president obama talked about being humbled and inspired by sandy. he then moved into what you could say was a lot of his normal stump speech. he was talking a lot about how mitt romney was not the candidate of change. he said talking or not really elaborating on policies, not answering questions about policies, not change. he said that making changes to entitlements like medicare is change, but not the kind of change that americans want, and he gave really quite his sort of rouzing speech that you could say was very much making his argument for why he should be re-elected and why voters should not give mitt romney a chance, suzanne. >> let's talk a little bit about the sprint to the finish here, briana, because i ima
is register with fema to start making themselves eligible for the benefits and help fema is going to do. the other problem we have, most concerned of safety of people, people in shelters. that's not the best accommodations. temporary status but there are people in our shelters who are not going to be able to go back to the beach and working diligently to accommodate them. >> michael? >> reporter: won't be back for a long time. yeah, brooke? >> let me pass a question on to the mayor if you don't mind. is he concerned about the lack of gasoline and the advice to people? is he concerned that people can't get it? >> reporter: that's a very good question, brooke. i can tell you we ran in to that problem last night. brooke baldwin is asking you about gasoline and cueing up for it here. >> all in cues. the problem is only gas stations are functioning with power. jersey central power and light company told me today they made route 37 a priority for restoration of power. for that reason to get the gas stations up and running, get the restaurants open so people can go and also to get the traffic
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briefing, we'll be getting the live briefing from fema, the federal emergency management agency. that should be happening in about half an hour so we'll be watching for that. also, we heard from specifically the president just a little earlier today from the briefing room. here's part of what he said. >> if public's not following instructions, that makes it more dangerous for people, and it means that we could have fatalities that could have been avoided. >> that was the president earlier today. we have correspondents covering this hurricane up and down the northeast coast here all the way from north carolina upward. but i want to go straight to chad myers. chad, walk on in and let's talk, as we've now gotn this update, this is breaking, the fact -- >> right there. >> it's moving faster. >> 28 miles an hour. it is now hauling the mail right toward the coast close to cape may, atlantic city, or maybe it slides just south of cape may where the ferry would run and right into wilmington, delaware weather a huge surge there. worried about wilmington, worried about philadelphia, even
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